We always always always have juggling balls on sale.  Why?

1 . . . we make a ton of custom imprinted juggling balls for companies.  Sometimes, we make a few too many so we are left with over-stock.  These balls are our famous HB Juggling Balls, 130 g 2.5”.   So if you are looking for a perfect ball, but want to save a wee bit of money, then these are perfect.  
2 . . .  because our balls are made completely in-house, we are able to inspect each and every one we make.  Sometimes balls will have slight imperfections (stitching or fabric) and we can’t in good faith sell them for full price because we are good’ol honest Canadians 

3 . . .  sometimes we are very , very, lazy.  Like sloths .  So there are times that we just don’t feel like putting things away properly. 

All sale balls are completely random.  There are no colour choices available.  We have what we have when we have it.