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Limestone City Juggling Festival 2017

Limestone City Juggling Festival 2017

On November 3 - 5 , 2017 the Kingston Juggling Club/Limestone Juggling Festival was underway . . . 

We had the privilege of attending the Limestone City Juggling Festival this past weekend and we can’t say enough how awesome it was!  Kingston is such a beautiful town, filled with beautiful people!  Greg Philips and co. put on a great juggling festival and it was good to see lots of new faces, along with the regulars :)  Shout out to The Merchant bar in Kingston where we danced the night away to a great live band and met some really cool new people!  Looking forward to next year already!  Kingston rocks

A Brief History of Devilsticks or Flower Sticks

A Brief History of Devilsticks or Flower Sticks

The Devilsticks history can be traced back 200 years to China. Devil Sticks (AKA: flower sticks and juggling sticks) were used as props in the dances.

The first Devilsticks were created out of bamboo. The flower stick was made of two control sticks and the bigger “devil stick” was covered with cloth. A weighted end was created using cloth. Lots of the juggling stick tricks that took place in the dance were done to make the pom poms and ends spin to look like flowers opening.

Theory 2: The Greeks

An alternate Devil Sticks history predicts the use of Devil Sticks at least two thousand years ago based on the language root of the original word.  According to this theory, the sticks were called diablo sticks before the name was changed by the Europeans.  It is also predicted that the sticks were wooden.  The word “diablo” is a common miss-spelling of the word “diabolo”, which is Greek, roughly meaning “across throw”. This could have been taken further to become “devil sticks”.  It could have been the Greeks.

Theory 3: The Egyptians

Juggling Sticks have been used for many many hundreds of years.

They started in Africa earlier than 3000 B.C, there are pictures of juggling sticks on friezes (a wide horizontal band of sculpted or painted decoration, especially on a wall near the ceiling.) found in Egyptian tombs. Juggling historians have hypothesised that the devil sticks / juggling sticks / flower sticks followed the Silk Road from Cairo to China.

By 2000 B.C., the juggling sticks were being used in China. Marco Polo may even have brought juggling sticks to the west from the China. Flower sticks have been juggled in Europe since the Renaissance.

Deluxe Stress & Juggling Balls

Deluxe Stress & Juggling Balls

Simply the best stress ball that money can buy. Four panels of vibrantly coloured stretch leatherette hand sewn in your choice of colours. This exquisite cloth is manufactured specifically for us and the balls pieced together by our professional employees.

Deluxe Custom Juggling Kits

Deluxe Custom Juggling Kits

Our juggling kits are 100% printable. Your logo can be printed on the box, balls and instruction manual. A complete juggling kit says “we are the best” to your customers. These kits are worthy of any office space. Comes complete with three balls in a beautiful leatherette box and a beautifully written instructional booklet. The world’s finest promotional tool. Please contact us for wholesale and bulk pricing