Higgins Brothers is North America’s largest and most successful juggling and circus supply  company. This is due in part to our long standing relationship with the world famous Circus du Soleil in Montreal. At our last meeting with Cirque du Soleil, we were reminded that Higgins Brothers carries the honor of “having the longest standing business relationship” with Cirque du Soleil. A proud feather in our cap, but it wasn’t always that way...


- Oddly enough it all started in our father’s dusty, appliance packed warehouse. Our teen years were often filled with days and nights of unloading  tracker trailers full of 200 lb. barbeques… by hand. The 3 Higgins Brothers were always the “fall guys” for the hardest work at the appliance warehouse. We fondly (not really) look back at the one Christmas eve when we were quite young that our father made us unload 100’s of barbeques in the snow until 10pm.

This is where we learned the family values of hard work and customer service. When something went wrong and the customer wasn’t happy, we had to fix it. No matter what. “The customer is always right” is what we were told over and over.   These are the core business values we still practice at Higgins Brothers today.


- We Higgins Brothers always knew we were destined to be young entrepreneurs. In the very early 90’s, we spent some time bumming around London England. It was here that we saw many many people juggling! Not throwing a Frisbee, not kicking a hackey sack, but people were actually juggling everywhere.  Balls were being juggled, diabolos were flying and devilsticks were being tossed. Then we saw our first actual juggling shop and that was it. Our eyes lit up and our brains started spinning. “This is what I want to do for a living” is what I thought.


– In the spring of 1994, while back in our hometown, we recruited a friend with a sewing machine and began to make our first juggling balls. We used to fill every ball, thousands of them, by hand. It took many hours a day just to fill a few hundred them. All these balls were put into our World’s Finest Juggling Kit boxes and we hit the road, selling them to stores door to door. It was around this time that we created our first devilsticks and sold them at festivals.


– By 1995 business was booming! So much so, we had to move our humble enterprise into an unheated, abandoned house that not only offered plenty of work space, but living accommodations as well. It was at this house that we invested in our first plastic injection mold and produced our first diabolo. Next it was opening “The Juggling Shop” in our home town and we finally owned an actual juggling ball filling machine. No more filling juggling balls by hand!


– Its almost 25 years later and we’re still here offering our superior customer service to the nation’s largest retailers and most importantly to our smaller customers who keep our business happily functioning.  It’s been an extremely adventurous roller coaster ride to say the least. We at Higgins Brothers want to thank all our customers and everyone involved who allow us to do what we do best.

Thank-you everyone, from all of us at Higgins Brothers