Customer Feedback

I just had the pleasure (how often can you say that when dealing with an internet purchase?) of speaking with Dan because my son had ordered some equipment on line, and when he received it, he realized it wasn’t what he wanted. Because of the holidays, we had to wait to speak with someone. To my surprise, the owner answered the phone! He was very understanding and made the whole situation easy to deal with, because we all know what a pain in the butt returns are when dealing with the postal system. In any case, he promised the new diablos would be shipped tomorrow, in spite of the number of orders they are currently dealing with due to the fact that yesterday was their first day back.

This is not our first time dealing with Higgins Brothers, and the last time was equally as wonderful.

Thank you for making this so easy. I am sure we will be buying more from you in the future. Joanne from frosty Winnipeg

I placed my first order with your company online on Saturday night. During checkout, there was a section that you could fill out for any additional information about your order. I added in this box that this was a gift and to please email the invoice instead of including this in the box. I have requested this before from other companies and the invoice always makes it into the box. I received an email this am from Joey with the attached invoice stating that my order would ship today and that he would not be including the invoice in the shipment per my request. I was SHOCKED!! This is the first time that a company as followed through with this type of request!!! I am amazed at your customer service!!! Thank you so much for being attentive with your orders and special requests. I greatly appreciate it! Krista

Hello Joey (and other members of the Higgins Brothers), Thank you soooo much for sending the Zappa clubs to Luca, as a response to his letter to the Higgins Bothers. Luca is juggling whenever he can…. At school recess, just before bed time etc. He started juggling when he was about 5; with whatever he could throw up and catch. Then I found those juggling balls from the Higgins Brothers and gave that last Christmas. Since then he is inseparable with those balls and he can do most of the tricks pretty well as seen on the video and even makes up his own. He was so happy with them, that he decided, totally on his own, to write you a letter to show his appreciation for your work! You’re his heroes :-):-)When he unwraped the box you’ve sent him, he was one happy boy!!!! We all were struck by your kind and generous gesture! He took the clubs to school today after asking permission from the Vice Principle to practice in the gym during lunch break and she thought it was awsome!! My husband will make a little video of his skills so far and will send you the disk. So you can see the result of your wonderful job!! Thank you so much; it really made him (and us) happy! (Always nice to see kids do something else than hanging behind a computer:-)) Kind regards, Luca’s mom, Charlotte.

Joey please also pass along to Dan Higgins my thanks to you both. Late tonight, DHL delivered my grandson’s Diablo we discussed below. All the way from Canada to Southern California in three days. I’m still waiting for deliveries from Los Angeles. This is so reflective of your care for customer relations and it would appear a family business whose reputation is so important. Please feel free to use my comments and sentiments in your advertising and your website if you wish. You have made an 11 year old boy’s Christmas amazing. Thank you for your personal attention to our situation. Happy Holidays to all of you and your team. Jill Pierce

Hello ... to start I want to say how incredible it was to place an order for devil sticks and TWO DAYS later have them in my hand. WOW !! I was not able to give them to my son on that day because I had ordered a diablo from another supplier and that took 'much' longer to arrive. Today however I received that and had two VERY HAPPY boys after school. Sadly my 8 year old now wishes he too had asked for the devil sticks like his nearly 13 year old brother. Anyhow ... they happily played on the back deck. I rarely buy gifts for my boys for 'nothing' but this but your products seem to promote non electronic fun. Giving them a chance to be little a while longer. Krista Dixon

Thank you very much! VERY VERY good service! Good weekend!

Thanks so much for your terrific help and excellent customer service. It’s greatly appreciated! Keri

Hi Joey, I just love these "soft" balls. Thank-you very much for the exceptionable service. Ken Anklovitch

You are the best Joey, I wish every company was as accomodating as yours!! Thanks girl!!

Thank you so much for your service I really appreciate it and will continue to order from you in the future and will send my friends your way. I would like the sundia carbon sticks.

Hello Dan, I'd like to compliment you on your customer service. I've been very impressed with the speedy delivery times when ordering online through your site and it's nice to get a message directly from you. You'll be happy to know that I've referred several people asking where to buy products to your website because of this great service.

I received the best customer service from this company. I purchased a Poi toy at the San Diego Kite store that broke within a couple of days. I called Higgins Brothers and not only did they offer to send a replacement for free, they sent two so that both my kids could play at the same time. I didn't even have to send the old one back! Spectacular customer service! Kudos to your team! Thank you!

I got the vegas style clubs in yellow delivered to my fiance in MA, he loved them. Thank you for your help and your patience. I'll defiantly be recommending your site to my circus friends. Kind regards, Kirsten

Thank you so much. That's what i call customer service! We will pass you on to all of our circus friends, Kelly and Adriel

I am writing from Trapeze School New York in Washington DC. I wanted to thank you so much for your help with our recent order and your very prompt shipping. Would it be possible to email me a credit card receipt at this address or mail one to: Kiersten Van Houten

Thanks! I appreciate your professionalism – Mano

Dear Higgins Brothers,

Thank you! I'm Ollie, a juggler from Kansas City, Kansas. Ordered some wholesale juggling equipment over the phone from you this Monday at noon, and it arrived promptly today, Friday of the same week, around 1pm from DHL. Everything was just as I ordered it! Love the swift service!

The woman I spoke with was cheerful and helpful--picked up the phone on the second ring, knew just what I was talking about, and even advised me, based on the age of the kids I'm teaching juggling to this summer, not to purchase higher-end balls but to stick with the budget equipment.  It's quite nice, nowadays, to find a business that doesn't try to up-sell at every possible moment. Higgins Brothers is always my first choice for all my juggling supply needs.  Thanks again, Ollie

Hi there,

Just a quick thank you! It was so easy to place my order and I can't believe how fast it came. The illuminated stage balls will be a great hit

Thanks Joey, you're a champ as always :).  Jim

I wish to thank you on behalf of our family for the efficient & generous way that you coped with the breakage of a poi ordered for our grandson’s birthday. He is now playing happily with the replacement that you sent in record time. What wonderful customer service. Thank you Hilary Gilbert. Ottawa

Thank you. We received our package in record time!!

Thank you for so responding so quickly and offering such great service! I will definitely order from you guys again in the future!

Perfect, thanks! You guys have the best selection of products I’ve come across online :-) I’ll be putting an order in sometime this week. Faith

Wow, Joey, you continue to amaze me with your excellent customer service. Red/blue diabolo is just fine. And thanks for the devil sticks - they will go to excellent use, I assure you. I was just promoting your business today with a friend. Happy holidays to you. Helen Rolfe

Hi Joey, What can I say? You guys are awesome!! Thank you so much for your generosity - you have made a customer for life :) I'm loving my equipment that a purchased recently by the way - quality stuff :) Thanks again and happy holidays! Cheers, Chris

Thank you again. The success of any business is personal touch and empathy for the customer. You personify that discipline. Congratulations, it’s not easy to find these days. Thank you.

Well happy birthday!!! It's been great doing business with you over the years. Don Bursell Mora, MN. USA

I just wanted to take the time and thank you for the hb tech fluorescent juggling balls. They came in 4 days! I love to juggle with them and soon I will be on to my fifth.

Hi Dan, I just received the kits, and I'm really excited of the result. Congrats! We are all really satisfied of the product, Thank you very much, You did a really great job and it was easy to work with you. See you for the next order. Alexandrine:)

Thank you for the followup! No concerns at the present time. I ordered some diabolos and juggling balls for various classes I teach. The Student Special balls were perfect for my larger winter break classes, although in retrospect, I should probably get more of the small balls for the small hands of my younger students. The diabolos are a big hit in my smaller afterschool classes. I ordered the Lava Tek style, and the kids really like the colorways. Of course they also play quite well. I also sampled out some of the small and regular HB juggling balls, which I've found to be excellent, and some footbags, which I haven't had a chance to put through the wringer yet. All in all, I'm very happy both with your product and your support, and will certainly be ordering again when I need to top off my stock.

Higgins Brothers has shipping ninjas. Feedback on Reddit

Joey, I was very surprised to receive a box of samples when I was expecting a catalog and wholesale price list. The quality of the equipment is outstanding. I'm going to be putting together an order to restock for summer camp and to have some stuff on hand to sell. Would you also be able to give me an idea of the cost and run size of the imprinted juggling sets? I think a nice custom set would be a good gift for my directors and counselors. Thanks again Joey. Your service, the personal touch, and the quality and price of your equipment has sold me on the Higgins Brothers. Jeff

Thank you again!! We are excited to preview the line, and do business with your company. Dan is lots of fun over email- I can only imagine is person, LOL. It is a refreshing change from the normal distributors I deal with, for sure:-) Take care, happy Wednesday! Best, Lindsay

I want around 60 total, do the best you can with the colors, no need to check with me, just go ahead & ship. You are the best Joey! Jeff

Thank you so much! We received this shipment the very next day and are really happy with your service. We look forward to doing an ongoing business with you :-)Thank you and have a great day! Lisa Marshall. Big Top School of Circus Arts

Thank you so much :-) I love doing business with a company that has such wonderful customer service.

Thanks! You are great! We’re doing that to increase our sales! Have a lovely w-e :-)

Thank you so much for your accommodations and generosity today. I will be back soon to pick up some more stuff very soon. I will let you know what I need. Thanks again and take care (I owe you!) Robert

Ok thank you very much I'll be sure to order from here again!

THANK YOU!! I appreciate the great service! Pete


The balls arrived today in great shape.

The art on the boxes is perfect, the balls are perfect.

If you ever need a testimonial from a happy customer, use us!

When we get these mailed out, we will likely order another batch.

How is 500 boxes for a batch size? – Thanks Again - Quin

Great thanks a bunch!

I look forward to trying out both the Zephrys and Strikers and seeing which holds up the longest. Is there any way that you can send me an invoice for my records. As always, I appreciate doing business with you.

Cheers, Troy


I recently had the pleasure of receiving a small order of juggling balls from you. Thank you very much for the quality, speed of the order and the service I have received. The professionalism and responsiveness of Joey Winegarden was impressive. You have gained another customer for life. The only bit of feedback I have is stop making your product so high quality that I am afraid to use it as not to run it. I been having to juggle on loans as not to ruin the new leather! :) Many Sincere Thanks and looking forward to future business with you!

Kind Regards, Igor Koltunov

Jean Pierre from Hobbytown Northbrook called just to say thatnk yiou for full filling his orders so quickly. He has had a diabolo boom in the last few weeks and our service has allowed him to keep his customers satisfied. He called just to say he is impressed and thank you


Hey there Higginsbros

My name is Alex Spenard, Im 25 and i live in thunder bay ontario canada :) about 9 months ago i started to take up juggling and i have been in love with it ever since. I was in our local mall (Intercity shopping center ) and i bought a set of the 4 tone bean bags you guys sell from a little hobbie shop and thats what started me off. A fiew months later i was trying to find some clubs, but to my dismay nowhere in our town sells them, and i dont have a credit card to order online. I ran into someone in town that would sell me a set of clubs, met up with him, he told me they were HB Spirit clubs and gave me your web address to go check out more stuff. I just wanted to say thanks for the clubs and i plan to order more once the cash flow starts up again hahaha :) Until then i wanted to leave you with a video of some of the cool stuff i can now do because of your product :)

Thanks again

I just wanted to say that I am super pleased with the juggling balls I just received from y'all. Thank you for the excellent

Thank you very much for such wonderful customer service! I am very pleased with all the support I am receiving from your company. Is there a certain website I can go on to track the order?

Again thank you do much. When it arrives I will definently be sure to write a great review.

Taking it day by day

Thank you very much! VERY VERY good service! Good weekend!


Hi Joey,

I just wanted to thank you very much for sending the juggling balls and devil sticks. Your efforts to rectify the situation were very appreciated, and I am very impressed with your customer service. I'm glad we got to speak in person yesterday and we are thrilled with the products that arrived today so promptly. They are of exceptional quality, and will be a huge asset to our summer camps.

Enjoy the long weekend!


Dear Higgins Brothers-

Now I know why my sons' juggling instructor, Dave Pawson, loves Higgins Brothers and always purchases through HB.

You are just amazing!! My son finally told me on Sunday that he wanted a diabolo for Christmas and I was sure I missed the purchase / ship window. Hard to believe that I ordered late Sunday and already received today the diabolo for my son.

Thank you so much!

-Janet McGraw

Dear Higgins Brothers,

First of all, might I say, your company rocks! I am now officially addicted to juggling and much more. After purchasing you dvd and equipment, I found that learning the diabolo was a lot easier than it seemed. The dvd that I happened to get my hands of was the Juggling 101 kit. (Greatest juggling dvd ever) I have learned all the tricks on the diabolo section and many others. But for now I want to learn more about the diabolo. So my final question is what do I purchase next? One of the dvds or books? If so, which ones?

Thanks a lot,

Casey Brown

Hi there,

I would like to comment on the excellent customer service I received from Joanne. Back in early July I ordered a Diablo and it didn’t come with the sticks (the string was in the box and the Diablo, but no sticks). I was quite disappointed, because my son was pretty pumped when it came and if it weren’t for the fact that he could use the sticks from a more basic Diablo he had purchased months before, he would have been out of luck until we could get some shipped to us. Because he already had sticks, I totally forgot to make the call to Higgins, even though I had every intention to do so because I thought my son could hand the basic model down to his little sister. Yesterday I came across the invoice for the Diablo which reminded me that I hadn’t yet called.

When I called Joanne, there was no question, she would send me the sticks the following day. I was very pleased to see that the request was hassle free. I even more surprised to have my doorbell ring the next day (the day she said she would send them, thinking they would come by regular post) and there was the DHL guy standing on the door step with the sticks! I’d like to point out that I called late in the day the day before and the sticks arrived at noon the next day.

Joanne, I would personally like to thank you for making my customer service experience with Higgins Brothers pleasant and hassle free. The guy who answered the phone could take a few pointers from you ;)

Best Regards,

Cheryl Smith

Hi Joey -

Thanks so much - you guys have awesome customer service : )


Thanks very much Joey, I'm really looking forward to getting this order.

Have a great day.

Ross Kennedy

I was surprised by how great the customers' service is! HB really made sure I received the package and they also told me when it was shipped. Made me think of Amazon for a sec!

I got the vegas style clubs in yellow delivered to my fiance in MA, he loved them. Thank you for your help and your patience. I'll defiantly be recommending your site to my circus friends.

kind regards,


I apologize that I have forgotten the name of the young woman who helped me, but I recently contacted your offices about securing a replacement for a Higgins juggling ball and was really impressed with the service I received. It was prompt, courteous and professional, and very much appreciated.


Sharon Wyatt

I received the best customer service from this company. I purchased a Poi toy at the San Diego Kite store that broke within a couple of days. I called Higgins Brothers and not only did they offer to send a replacement for free, they sent two so that both my kids could play at the same time. I didn't even have to send the old one back! Spectacular customer service! Kudos to your team! Thank you!

WOW! This was real great and fast service! I placed my order on a Wednesday night and I got it on Friday morning! Extremely fast service! I am getting very good with my diabolo and I just had to order a book of tricks and the carbon fibre sticks! If all goes well I will be getting them this Thursday!

Paul Ottawa, Ontario

hi, i just purchased some juggling clubs online, i called to ask some more questions. I spoke with Joanna and she was very helpful.

You guys have great, friendly customer service, thanks

I look foward to buying more juggling equip from higgins brothers


Jordan Smith

Hi Joey,

Thanks for your understanding about the diabolos, your prompt service and great products. We recommend Higgins all the time to our students for all these reasons, and (not least) because Higgins is a Canadian company.

Mike H

Holy Fricasie!!!!! I got whiplash, your order is here so fast. How did you do that?

No, stop laughing! It's here. The boomerang guy took three weeks to get here. Is it because of where you shipped from?

I am actually stunned!

Wow! Wow! Wow!

All I can say is Thank you!!!!

yet another sastified customer :)



I will email my last order of the season on Monday morning.

I want to thank you all for another great year.

It's been a lot of fun selling your juggling equipment.

Joey - you have given me the best service. I know I can be a pain in the butt with my last minute orders but you've always done your best. Thank You

(Give the girl a raise)

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the time time off with family and friends.


Nikki (Mumbo Jungle)


My son places online orders from you regularly, and he has started a Juggling Club at his elementary school and has been supplying his own equipment to the club members. He doesnt want the increased wear and tear on his equipment, so I wondered if you have order forms that he could hand out to the kids for purchasing their own juggling balls, clubs, and possibly rings.

If you have forms available, you could email one to me, or send them via regular post to Devon Blomquist, 37 Kyle ave., Stittsville, ON K2S 1G9. If not, then I guess he can just give them your website info and they can do their own ordering.

By the way, we absolutely love how quickly you process your orders and ship them! He is only 11 years old and he thinks that its normal to get stuff from an online store two days after he orders it! Ha! Too bad that wasnt trueJ


Tracey and Devon

Thanks Joey,

This really says something about Higgins Brothers. I wasn't going to send my previous email but after talking to a manufacturer friend of mine, he encouraged me to do so because he was convinced that you guys would want to right the situation. I definately tend to brag to folks about the props I use when they ask what vendors to use, so I am glad that I will have this opportunity to do so with the equipment you are sending. Many thanks!


Wow - service beyond expectations! Thank you - I will be spreading the word!

Hi Don!

I received the sets today and LOVE THEM. I can't wait to show them off to the Circus Center crowd this afternoon.

Great job and many thanks!



I just sent it through hopefully, were all set. Thanks so much for your terrific help and excellent customer service. Its greatly appreciated!


Hi thanks for sending out the 10 juggling sets for me.

I really appreciate being able to give such good service to my customers.


Hi Joey

I just love these "soft" balls. Thank-you very much for the exceptionable service. Ken Anklovitch


Thank you so much Joey.

I really appreciate you letting me knowyou have been so easy to deal with; a real pleasure.

I will certainly let you know if we need anything else.

Have a great day.


You are awesome Joey, thanks. Mag
Thank you so much!!! I wish everyone was such a pleasure to deal with - I hope you have a good holiday season! Tania

Dear Dan,

I had requested those prices from you in January; received them, placed our order and was satisfied by both the prices and the speed with which the order was filled. It was and is a pleasure doing business with you on behalf of my students and our circus skills program.


Hi Joey,

Thanks for all, your delay to proceed orders is very nice, I would like if every supplier would proceed as quick as you do.

Merry Christmas

Mathieu and Mélissa.

You are the best Joey, I wish every company was as accomodating as yours!! Thanks girl!!

Call me if you need me.. Laurie

Thank you Joey! The package arrived today! I appreciate your dedication in assuring this issue was resolved!

Once again, thank you for your assistance,


Wonderful! Thanks so much for the prompt service.

Have a good one.


Hey Joey i really appreciate your costumer service ethics. All i really want is that proper piece.I have the and blue lights. I Truly do appreciate it. And i will continue shopping with you guys in the future. Thank you Very Much! I Hope you Have a Happy Holiday season!

Tania from G Whillackers just told me that I am her faourite person EVER to talk to and order from. She said if she ever opens her own business she would want me to work for her and train people


Hi Joey, Everything arrived this weekend, and it all looks great. Thanks so much for the super quick turnaround and for catering to all our color requests! I'm grateful that you all make the process so easy.



Thank you so much for your service I really appreciate it and will continue to order from you in the future and will send my friends your way. I would like the sundia carbon sticks.

Much thanks!


Thank you for your time and again for the great products provided.

James P. Baeb - Physical Education Specialist

Martha P. King E.S.

Yes, I did,

They're Fantastic,

Thank you so much, this is probly the best costomer service I've ever Seen!


Hi Higgins,

Jeff asked me to email you. We just received our order. Thank you so much for the fast service, we appreciate it! Take Care, and Happy Holidays!

Shawna Ross-York

Browser's Den Of Magic

Hello Dan,

I'd like to compliment you on your customer service. I've been very impressed with the speedy delivery times when ordering online through your site and it's nice to get a message directly from you. You'll be happy to know that I've referred several people asking where to buy products to your website because of this great service.

As it turns out, I do have another question. Do you still sell some balls at 50 cents / piece? The balls that are not quite the right size or weight.

I can no longer find these on the website.

Have a great evening.


Wow! Cool! Thanks! Ill do a new order within a few days. You make my day!


I really do appreciate the advice and you taking to time to talk about it....type about it, with me :)

I just ordered three more balls. Rounded it out to six to make the full rainbow :)

Love your products, one of co-workers does some clowning in her spare time so I gave her your website.

Thanks again. Maybe I'll send a video of myself when I'm actually good at it :)

Take care.


Got the balls today. Thanks. I will recommend higginsbrothers anytime.


Hi Dan,

Attached please find a letter of receipt from Citizen Schools regarding your donation.

Again, this will make such a huge difference in my work with the kids this spring. Higgins Brothers rock! Thanks so much.




The juggling rings have been the big hit for jugglers, and the spinning plates are what the non-jugglers have been drawn to. And, I ONLY buy my rings, clubs, plates and devil sticks from you folks. Best products for the best prices.

Thanks so much,

Don Bursell

DonB! Ministries

okay, thanks for the amazing service! can't wait until I order from you again. (I wonder what i'm going to get)
Wow. Another reason why we order ALL our juggling stuff from Higgins Bros!


I can tell you that the equipment arrived in a timely manner, well packaged and complete. We're really pleased with your prices and service, and I've every intention of asking for further assistance should the need arise.

Thanks for your interest,


Hi Dan,

I'm impressed yet again. Thanks a bunch.

Regards, Todd Smith - Todd Smith Juggling

Dear Dan, I have yet to open the shipment, but I'm darned impressed that you got it to me so soon! I'll be calling you in a few days with an additional order.

Thanks much, Todd Smith - Todd Smith Juggling

650 is a lil high for me, but i will try my best. thanks for the offer, u guys ROCK & give johanna a raise : )

Hi Dan,

I placed an order several weeks back for just over $300 of equipment. The order was ready in a few days and I picked it up myself on the way home. The next day I was off to Ottawa with the grade 8 class, so it wasn't until the next week that I distributed the equipment to the students. It was like Christmas morning that day for the Circus Club members. Since then, we have done two small shows, one for the school body and one for parents. Most students elected to use their own new equipment rather than the schools. Everyone seems satisfied with their purchase. Particularly with diabolo, as students now had their own at home, they regularly came to school with a new skill they had learned from a website that they wanted to teach me.

I had rounded the prices up for the students and with the extra was able to add to the order another two sets of clubs and get our first set of poi, which has been quite popular.

I did find the order did have two extra balls and an extra spinning plate in it - I assume to give choice to the students who did not get the colour they ordered. They did find a suitable replacements. If that was simply a packing mistake, I'm happy to settle the difference on our fall order or to drop by on my way home some time this week.

I look forward to placing an order in the future when we restart the club in the fall. If you ever decide to sell rola bolo's, I'm quite sure you would get some orders from our school. I have 3 homemade versions I've made from plywood, skateboard tape, truck cap foam, and a discarded sewer pipe, and they usually have a line of students waiting for a turn.

Our kids are extremely pleased with the product and I was very pleased with service.

Thanks, Mark

Thank you for the excellent turn around time on my order! We received it today.

Great service.

Cheers, Scott Bennie

Thank you so very much. You are so kind!

Hi Dan,

Good to hear from you - we have been really pleased with the service we have received from Higgins Brothers this year. I think we place 3 or 4 wholesale orders this year, as our school circus program begins to grow. Joey Winegarden has been the representative who has helped us with our orders - Joey has always been prompt, helpful, and friendly. I am new to the circus scene and I ask a lot of questions - so I have appreciated Joey's patience with me as well!

We have been very pleased with all of the equipment we have ordered this year, with one exception of the Wizard Poi. We purchased 8 pair of Wizard Poi in January, and all the strings came out of the body within 2-3 weeks. This happened with the one's we ordered last year too, so I just repaired these ones with liquid nails and multi-colored duct-tape. They work fine for our purposes at school, but I will probably try a different Poi product the next time we need Poi.

Overall, we have been really pleased with the business we have done with HB, and plan to continue using HB for most of our supplies in the future.

Please let me know if you specific questions, or if you need anything else - best wishes,

Michael Bradford

Directeur Adjoint

Hi Dan -

PS My 10 year old son loves your DVD and thanks to it he stopped playing computer games and becoming a pro in juggling, diabolo, devil sticks .. and now probably spinning plates, too.

Thanks! Ildiko

Dear Higgins Brothers,

Thanks for the extra balls and the quick shipment! They seem perfect for numbers and feel great... and now I can try 10+, too =)

Thanks again for all the great equipment... I'll be sure to refer you to all my juggling friends!


did you read?

i'm awesome :)

Joey Winegarden

Hi Higgins Brothers,

We just received the equipment the other day and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your excellent services! We look forward to doing business with you again in the future!


Sam and the Barefoot Monkeys

You guys are amazing - these came so fast! Happy Holidays!

Theresa George

Hi Joey,

Just wanted to thank you for express shipping the diabolo we received it today and my son was so thrilled. Ill be sure to tell my friends and family about the great customer service at your store.

Thanks again!

Suzanne Graffeo

Hello Higgins Brothers!

I just wanted to let you know that I am really happy with my new juggling clubs! I ordered them last Sunday and received them on Tuesday. I also purchased your video, which gave me great tips to learn the clubs (I know how to juggle balls already). By the weekend is out, I should be juggling all three clubs.

Juggling clubs are impossible to purchase in Ottawa (I’ve searched on and off for two years). So it’s really great to order from a Canadian supplier, and I am really pleased that you’ve partnered with Cirque du Soleil. The firm I work for (CGI), is a partner with Cirque du Soleil

Thanks again,

Tim Bouma

I just want to thank you for making such an awesome product. They really hold up to my destruction in the streets. I've been working on combining juggling and longboarding with some cool results. (juggling routines while manualing on 1 foot on the nose down an entire street) Thanks for helping me take my hobby to new heights =)



My name is Greg from Kingston Ontario. I ordered some sil-x balls and cigar boxes from you last week and just wanted to say thank you for the quick delivery and good packing job. Everything arrived in perfect condition and I am greatly enjoying my new props.


Greg White

P.S. - Cigar box juggling is a lot harder than it looks!

hey just letting you know that i received my balls last night around 4pm and they are absolutely amazing. thank you for your quick response and quick shipping, you've just gained a lifetime customer.


I ordered from you late Sunday evening and received the jugglings balls by Wednesday ready for me to ship out to Europe. Fast and efficient service. Many thanks.


Hi Dan, Just received our order on Tuesday. Everything looks great! Thanks for the quick turnaround and the great service!!


Louise Demers

Dear Higgins Brothers,

When I first got your juggling set I berly even knew because I got it when I was so young. One day, I was just looking around the house cleaning and I ran into your DVD. I watched it for a while and tried some tricks with tennis balls. And I learned everything so quickly. So, I decided that I wanted to learn some other things such as clubs. When I went to your website I found a good pair of clubs for 15$ each. I thought that was much to high but I looked around some more finding diabaloos, yo yos, and other great stuff. But, still, I thought that it was all to high so I went to some other websites finding them almost double the prices and they weren't as good quality so then I found out that you guys actually have the best prices.

When I ordered them they were exactly what I was looking for! The Higgins Brothers is definitely the best place for jugglers at all levels.

I definitely will tell all my friends. Good luck Higgings Brothers! I hope that you do well! I only dream to get as good as you guys!

One of your greatest costumers,

Casey Brown

I received my order yesterday... THANKS!

Dealing with Higgins is a joy.

Mike Perry

Thank you SO MUCH for all your help in guiding me on what to order, and getting this out in record time. We will definitely be back in touch to order more if my son gets hooked!

Thanks again, tracy

i don't know how u did it, but i got the balls already! they are just what i wanted! thanks! i've been throwin' em for hours now!


Hi Joey,

Thank you for such great service!! Can't wait to see your items on my shelf.

Have a fun day.

Fran Stern

Hi there Joey,

Happy Friday to you!

Some sad news (well, sad to me!) to pass on to you . I won't be here at YOYOSAM harrassing you and ordering after today.

The company is moving this weekend to northwestern Pennsylvania (near Erie), which probably puts it much closer to you guys . but I'm not going with the move.

On the business side, there will be no change; Mitch (who Dan and Don worked with before I came along) will take over ordering and may introduce a new person to you somewhere down the line. Even though I'm not going, I'll still be in touch with Mitch, and if you guys have any issues you need my help on, I'll be around to jump in if needed. (But this email address may be shut down later today!)

On the personal side, it's been REALLY fun working with you. It's been great doing business, but making it fun, too, and I always appreciated the Canadian treats you would sneak into a box once in a while! I hope everything goes great for you, and maybe I'll chat you up from my personal e-mail sometime just for fun.

Have a good one!!!!


Thanks, Superstar!

Elan Levitan

Right on. You've gone above & beyond.

Thank you so much.

You are so wonderful! The reception department is ready to receive them! Thanks! Our customer will be very happy! I wish sometimes they advise us sooner to have time to get prepared but we are all so efficient!

Marie Hélène Pépin

Dear Joey,

The clubs I ordered for my son arrived today. Thank you so much for your fast shipping and excellent customer service. I look forward to doing business with Higgins Brothers again in the future.

Sincerely yours,

Cindy Sebetes

Hi Joey,

Youre the best! Thanks as always for your world class service! I started a new circus residency today with all new Higgins Brothers Equipment and it felt like Christmas day! :0)



Thank you, Dan, for your quick responses and your generous offer. You have just secured my business for the rest of my juggling career.

Most Sincerely, Kyle Linehan

Just a BIG Thank you for the tremendous service from your website to my door.......... Thanks Again!...... Chris Jenkins, Wasa Lake

Received your 'gift' today.

Awesome ball and awesome response and delivery time.

A+ service! with unfeigned sincerity,

chris d

Thank you all very much for your cooperation and your service. You guys have been very helpful and honest which is hard to find through the internet. Your shipments have always been in a reasonable time frame. In the future I expect to do a lot more business with you all.

Jason LeBlanc

The Unrepeatable Juggler

Just a note to thank you for getting the diabolos to me so quickly. It seems that one of the area schools is using diabolos (without informing me, unfortunately) so demand has unexpectedly increased. Your quick shipping has prevented me from disappointing a number of kids.



Thank you for resolving the situation so quickly. I appreciated it very much. It says a lot about your commitment to the customer. Hania.

Wow! I just got the Las Vegas ball replacements. Not only are they well made there are eight of them. I teach juggling at a Corrections Center so the extra three from the original five I ordered will go into the props bag there. They will be a huge step up from the sand filled tennis balls we use currently. Thanks for the fine customer service. You know where I will go for supplies in the future. Alan Young Thank you so much for your kindness. I have just ordered from the site you suggested and am assured they can deliver on a timely basis. Please know that your thoughtfulness has made my day brighter and any future orders will absolutely come you way!

Very best regards,


hello, I just want to let you know that the clubs I ordered were exactly what I was looking for. The clubs are nearly word for word of what I was thinking about. Thank you so much for the clubs I have dreamed of.

Weston received his diabolo in great shape yesterday via UPS and he is so excited. Thanks for being a reputable business on line. It is a blessing to have done business with you. Much continued success. Blessings, Deborah B

P.S> I've been waiting for some balls that I bouth from another U.S company since may!!! They haven't even shipped it to me yet! The other time, when they finally shipped, it took 6 weeks to come! So,there is no doubt where you should buy... Higgins Brothers! Michael Clark

I placed an order for 75 small balls, which came very promptly. Thank you very much. Bill Cassell I was in Birmingham, Alabama yesterday doing some shopping. I saw your product, The Complete Juggling Ensemble, next to some other brand juggling ball sets. I was kind of skeptical, cause your item was $30 while the others were only $7. "Comes with a DVD". Hmm, B.F.D. I took a chance and bought it anyway and came home. The DVD shows it as beasy, but come on, we are talking about ME.

I was very impressed at how much I learned after 1 day. I can't juggle for more than 8 rotations, but hey! I can juggle up to 8 rotations!

So I went to your website (along with a few others) to price other juggling items. I thought maybe I'd learn to juggle clubs. You have some nice clubs at $15 each. I thought that was too high, until I saw other companies selling them for $38 and higher!

I do believe I have a found a great company to purchase my juggling needs from. I will pass on your name, but it's hard to be a living testimony for your company while I still suck. As soon as I'm good, I'm telling everyone.


Michael Clark

Thanks for all the feedback and support. You guys have great communication better than i have ever delt with before. Josh

Thanks for being such a super supplier - our family (all 7 of us), my sister's family (4) and my parents have started juggling just for the pure fun of it. This is my second order (my list just keeps expanding) of Christmas gifts - Thanks again for providing such wonderful and fun options. All goods arrived! Thank you for the prompt shipping, the good price, and for catching that UPS truck and adding the free diabolo string.


Wow! They're here already! Thank you!

Wednesday I placed my order with you in the late morning. You thought the order would go out Thursday morning and that it would take three business days. Well it's Friday and my stage balls are here!

Thanks for giving me the truth and then exceeding my expectations by days! I'm probably going to use them in a program I'm doing tomorrow!

Ted Baumhauer

I got the balls and just wanted to say thank you. The kids love them, and I loved the price. You are right--I cannot tell that these are seconds.

Thank you very much.

-Greg Yost

I told my wife I always wanted to learn to juggle. She got me your 'Complete Juggling Ensemble' (3 balls and DVD). I opened it at 8am. I was 3 ball juggling by 8:22am. No word of a lie!


Daniel in Peterborough

I received the club Monday. I was pleasantly surprised by your quick shipping. I would like to thank you once again you for your outstanding ­cooperation.

Thank you,

Maxime Couturier

Done - super service, real pleasure doing business with you. Any problems with this order, just drop me a line. Thanks again, Bob

I have about 3 dozen or so students who ordered from your company and all of them that I have spoken with (especially parents) were very happy with your service and the ease of use with not just the toll free call but with how well your webpage was put together. Many of them had nice comments about pricing, selection, and how ease your process was.

Thanks again,

Teddy Beers

In any event, thank you once again for your prompt replies to my queries. Your service is remarkable.

Bill Burrows

Again, please allow me to express my sincere thanks for your prompt replies to my original queries and what you did to alleviate the problem. The fault was on my computer . Your excellent service no doubt stands you in good stead, something I will remember for future purchases.


Bill Burrows I want to thank you for the juggling set. My son LOVES it. He is so excited to show me the skills he is learning with rhythm and catch,throw and control. Happy New thanks to you and your company. I will pass your catalog onto my colleagues.


Mr. Nosce.


WOW! I received the SIX replacement balls yesterday! You guys really go all out with your customer service - thanks. You guys really are the BEST.

Dan -

My order arrived just a few minutes ago & all is there. Cody will love everything! Thank you for being patient & correcting the situation so quickly - it has been a pleasure doing business with you & your company.

Thanks again -

Karen Greene (the one from Virginia)

Wow, I wasnt expecting a response like that. Thank you very much.

Dear dan, thanks for being so swift with my order. the girls love them and will definitely be ordering from you again.

from ellen xxx(for old times sake!!)

Hi Dan, thanks! I’m looking forward to seeing them after so muchwent into finding them and the customer changing their minds. I enjoyed working with you and your brother and will keep you in mind if I ever need more or hear someone is looking for them. Peace, Kerrie

Thank you so much for checking that for me. UPS delivered it about an hour after I talked to you on the phone. My brother loves it, I will definitely reccomend your company! Thanks for the great product and customer service!!

Stefanie Payte

I just wanted to say thanks again. Everything just came and it is Terrific! We even have enough time to practice before juggling class. Thanks again! You came highly recommended by Jersey Jugglers and now I know why.

Allissa Parsippany, NJ Yea,

Higgins brothers is great. Never had any problems with them --ordered a diabolo from them a few months ago... really quick turn-around, too. At my doorstep some 2, 3 days later. Probably the best company I've dealt with thus far, actually.

--T - rec juggling

Just to let you know, we received the order in time and the items were presented with great fanfare to the award recipients. Thank-you.

Robyn Fox - New Westminster, BC

Thanks for your prompt reply. I purchased them at a retail store in Saint Louis, Missouri on Tuesday June 1st.......Your very prompt replies and willingness to help have impressed me greatly. When I'm ready to order more balls to give numbers juggling a try, I'll be sure to look to your firm first. I'll also recommend your company to my friends.

Thanks again,

Nova Politte

Dan thanks for e-mailing my billing fees. You folks have Great Equipment, we love it and the kids we work with love it! Thanks again, I look forward to receiving my order,

Keith Hughes, Partner/Performer West Hartford, CT

Hey juggling guys ! Just thought I'd let you know that my son is very happy with his new diabolo. It's quite popular around our town, I am sure you will be getting more phone calls from his friends

Judy - LA

I just have a couple of questions I'd like to ask but first I'd just like to say that i have ordered clubs, balls and diabolos from your company an all the stuff is great. I'm very happy with all of it but im looking to get some more gear.

Alan L

Thanks Dan - we love your stuff and will be sure to order more! and recommend you to all our friends - the folks at circus-smikus referred us to your sight, after two of us (Christopher and Eli) attend their camp - thanks again,

John and boys.

The Juggling 101 DVD is "absolutely magnificent" and "a wonderful educational tool"

Stephen J

Hooray and thank you, kind sir! I've been a Higgins Brothers enthusiast for some time now; what with diabolos, lighted balls, and such. Much better service than ****, if I do say so myself.

Thanks again!


Thanks Dan and congratulations on the excellent site and selection of products. I am a 13 year old living in ireland, i feel quite confident with three balls and decided to try some new stuff. After searching the internet pretty thoroughly, I found your site had the best products at the best prices and would ship to Ireland so I ordered my equipment from it. Thanks again and happy juggling. Thank you very much for including in my order before Christmas, the Dieblo Book free of charge because it had a cut on the cover. It is one of my favorite stories to tell about this past Christmas. I wish you much success. You guys (and gals?) are great! Thank you,

~ Jim

Have ordered before from this marvelous Website. Received product quickly and as advertised.. A thumbs up for you folks.

- The McIntyres